Panini Brothers

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CD - "Eyes on the Water"
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Updated: Oct 31, 2018


Upcoming Performances

  • Victoria Hall Wed Oct 31, 2018, 11pm - 2am

    Panini Brothers in Concert at:
    The Geneva All Hallows Eve Fest
    Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland

    The Bros will be performing their greatest Halloween hits in the style of the great Baroque composers.

  • barn Wed Dec 23, 2018, 9pm

    Panini Brothers at:
    The Eve of Christmas Eve Happening
    Moneta, VA

    Find the barn in the picture at the right. That's where we'll be. Get tickets early as seating is limited.


Other Stuff

May 6, 2016 -
Harvester Performance Center, Rocky Mount, VA

Harvester Website Poster


Apr 18, 2015 -
Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd, VA


The Panini Brothers